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Regulatory Enforcement Actions Updated Weekly

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iBank Monitor Critical List

iBank Monitor Critical List identifies the most troubled U.S. banks using a proprietary financial screening process. Excluding quarter to date bank failures, the Critical List contains 47 banks with combined total assets of $11.4 billion.

The Critical List methodology evaluates the following attributes in relation to all banks:

  • Risk Based Capital Ratios,
  • The level of Non Performing Loans and Other Real Estate Owned (OREO),
  • Tangible Equity,
  • Net Income (Loss), and
  • The existence of Regulatory Prompt and Corrective Capital Enforcement Actions.

iBank Monitor Watch List

The iBank Monitor Watch List contains
 477 banks representing $181.9 billion in total assets which continues to improve as additional regulatory enforcement actions are terminated. The Watch List is based on the analysis of current financial information and public regulatory enforcement actions and attempts to identify and correlate bank names to the quarterly list of FDIC "troubled banks".

Stock Informatics

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Regulatory Enforcement Actions

Our Regulatory Enforcement Action database is continually updated, focusing on bank asset quality enforcement directives. The result is a single, comprehensive source of
Regulatory Enforcement Actions which include: formal agreements, consent orders, cease and desist orders,and prompt and corrective actions.

While the FDIC, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) each have separate enforcement action search pages, which are sporadically updated, they can be cumbersome to review.

Our Subscribers, however, can access detailed Regulatory Enforcement Action Lists including custom search features as well as a concise list of all outstanding Prompt and Correction Actions.

** March 31, 2014 Issue **

The March 31, 2014 Community Bank Stock Price Volatility Survey is now available on our affiliated website Volatility Informatics.

This issue represents our twenty sixth consecutive quarterly Survey of U.S. community banks - a trusted source for bank CFO's and CPA's since 2007.

Volatility Informatics provides:

  • Support for Stock Price Volatility Assumptions for Equity Grant Fair Value calculations using Black Scholes Models to comply with ASC 718 (FAS 123R).
  • Independent objective information to maintain CPA / Client Audit Independence.
  • Custom Studies and Fair Value consultations.

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